ENVy Computer Compare v2.0

Multi-PC Environment and System Information Comparison Utility

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ENVy Computer Compare is a troubleshooting utility/aid that compares the environment and system information of two or more computers (PC) for the purpose of identifying differences. This information can then be applied to any number of troubleshooting situations that involve multiple machines. ENVy Computer Compare seeks to automate the process of performing a manual comparison that would take endless hours to do “by hand”.

If you find yourself asking the question “Why does it work on your system and not mine?!?” or “What’s different about your system?”, ENVy Computer Compare will quickly navigate you to the differences so that you can isolate the problem fast. Comparison results are presented in classic ENVy Comparison-style--color-annotated in a single column to allow for quick visual dissemination of information.


The ENVy Comparison is deep, low-level, and includes tens of thousands of item and property comparisons spanning seventeen important areas of your PC.  Not only are items compared at the surface level, all of their properties are directly compared as well.  So while it may appear on the surface that two machines share the same item, there could still be 20 other things different about it that wouldn't show up in a standard, shallow comparison.

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